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Accumulate high quality, income producing assets that will ultimately fund your financially independent lifestyle.

Take control of your retirement savings and put your Super to work for you.

Make sure your family’s future is protected and your wealth is secured through adequate life and disability insurances.
Our business is wholly online so that means we can keep our running costs low and our associated fees down. We pass these significant savings on to you.
Constructing a sound wealth plan should always include a solid base of quality growth assets such as shares, property and fixed interest investments.

WealthCircles Financial offers a simple shortcut to the acquisition of these primary asset classes, and we can help you to build a suitable portfolio based on your stage of life and financial goals.

For those time poor investors, we have a ready made share portfolio that is professionally managed by our team of experienced fund managers.

And for more active, DIY investor, we provide a means for you to manage your own portfolio in conjunction with our research and your adviser’s recommendations.
Managing Director, WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd

With 16+ years experience in the Australian Financial Services industry, and 4 years as an Independant operator, Jeremy has honed his skills and qualifications to now be in the unique position to bring to market a business that encapsulates his own style and passion for wealth creation and personal prosperity.

Jeremy acts as principal Investment Adviser and Personal Wealth Coach for WCF clients and the driving force behind his business is to help people reach their financial goals though a range of high quality financial services.

“WCF is a platform through which you can systematically build wealth and create a lifestyle of financial prosperity."

"We leverage technology and automation to minimise fees and expenses whilst providing an uncomplicated means for anyone to maximise both their earning capacity and asset accumulation. It really is the complete shortcut for wealth creation."

Jeremy's vision is to bring a simple set of tools and strategies to the people who need them the most, without all the high fees and complicated structures imposed by more traditional financial planning services.

WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd is an independently owned financial services and investment management firm and is a corporate authorised representative of Avalon FS Pty Ltd – AFSL# 437518.

WCF offers a range of products and services designed to get all your important financial houses in order. We have put together only the best of breed products and services that will make your job of building your family’s wealth simple, fast and effective. These services are the tools with which we'll help you design your ideal life and be with you all the way to guide you in making better financial decisions to steer your life's ship in the right direction - toward your dreams and goals.

Choose from a selection of share and managed fund portfolio models based on your risk appetite and life goals.

Solutions to take full control of your Super or simply be more pro-active in your Super's investment mix.

Life, TPD, Disability and Income Protection. Let us know your requirements and we’ll get you multiple quotes to compare.
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